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The most professional website construction in Tongling
Online consultation

Once developed, available on all platforms

Instantly open mobile website without downloading, lowering the threshold of use

Mobile websites can be searched by search engines, while APPs cannot be searched, which is not good for promotion

Web links can be promoted in multiple channels, while APPs do not support hyperlinks

APP upgrade needs to be downloaded again, and the mobile website will be updated automatically

Using the same domain name, can identify different terminals to achieve automatic redirection

Website planning

Section planning

Functional planning

Style planning

Content planning

Website design

Good visual effects

Overall color coordination

Web layout and layout

Perfect detail processing

Program development

News release system

Product Release System

Member Management System

Order system

Download system, talent recruitment system

Message system

Comment Management System

Website construction process

understand customer's needs

Develop a development plan

Clients provide information required for website construction

Website Construction Website Testing

Upload website

Train customers

Website maintenance

Content updates

Keep your website running

database backup

One-touch dial

One-click consultation

One-click sharing

One-click message

Map location

Interactive promotion


APP users have fast growth, strong economic ability, and active thinking

App can integrate new technologies such as LBS, QR, AR, etc. to bring users an unprecedented user experience.

The App is based on the mobile and interactive features of the mobile phone at any time, and it is easy to share and disseminate via Weibo, SNS and other methods to achieve fissionable growth.

The development cost of APP is lower than that of traditional marketing methods. Through new technology and data analysis, the APP can accurately locate the target users of the enterprise and achieve rapid growth at low cost.

After the APP is installed on the user's mobile phone, the enterprise lays a seed to keep in touch with the user.

Mobile APP service project

IOS APP development

IOS is an operating system developed by Apple for the iPhone. It is mainly used in iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. Qihui APP focuses on high-end IOS APP customization and provides one-stop Apple app development services.

Android APP development

The most professional Android app development company in China is good at designing and researching various Android application software. It is involved in the development of app software in various fields and has rich experience in Android app production and development. It maintains domestic first-class standards in UI development and services.

Mobile APP promotion

Released in dozens of application markets including APP STORE, Android Market. Targeted delivery technology, ultra-low mobile Internet promotion costs. Professionally share and promote customers' products, accurately grasp the mobile Internet communication channels, and perfectly realize the unexpected marketing promotion.

Cooperative Process Guidelines

signing the contract

Project begining

UI design

Confirmation of demand

Project Design

Coding design

Project test

Acceptance is online

Enterprise WeChat application platform, enjoy new service experience O2O model + interactive push WeChat

Wireless + smartphone application, check information anytime, anywhere, without restrictions
Improve work efficiency, reduce communication costs, brand display, enhance corporate image

Enterprise Micro Application: Micro Website

Enterprise micro applications: micro operations

Enterprise Micro Application: Micro Distribution

The micro-website is used to show users the comprehensive information of the conference, and the micro-homepage plays a navigation role and displays various functional modules. Diverse micro-site design, focusing on highlighting the brand image, more stylish, more convenient and more humane.

Stimulate sleeping users and take the opportunity to realize sales conversion.
Collecting more user information enables further targeted service and marketing.
Through the high-frequency interaction with users through activities, deepen users' awareness and understanding of the brand and strengthen brand loyalty.

A micro-distribution system that can intelligently track and share the propagation path, "allow users to bring users, let word of mouth win word of mouth." With good products and good models, there will be millions of unpaid employees nationwide to help you with marketing.

Platform + Application + Data:
Based on the secondary development of WeChat platform, multiple solutions for different industries and different applications. Social media marketing is built on the platform + application + data structure, which meets the needs of enterprise light app applications, provides one-stop services and strong platform support, and quickly creates mobile portals to generate user interaction.

Through back-end data design and application, lock in marketing goals and customize communication strategies to achieve the perfect balance between finding potential customers and developing existing customers. Obtain big data and seize the entrance to achieve data-driven precision marketing.

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