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Baidu promotion makes marketing more efficient

Your customer is looking for you on Baidu

Baidu promotion is based on the experience of serving hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, and deeply understands the true needs of enterprise promotion, using its own search technology and traffic resources
And other leading advantages, present your corporate information to customers in need in a colorful style, and promote more interaction with you, and ultimately
Close deals to effectively help you grow your customers.

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Show Show


Let billions of netizens in need
See your product or service information

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Click Click


Through better forms of creativity,
Attract netizens to click to learn more

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access access


Netizens are interested, visit your corporate website to learn more

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advisory advisory


Netizens interact with your business online, by phone, etc.

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Closing Closing


Eventually prompt netizens to generate actual transactions with your business

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Is a brand, always searched by Baidu

When hundreds of millions of Internet users search for your brand or related content, Baidu Promotions will instantly display your brand information, help you build your brand image, and bring your brand into play
The core function of "marketing mouth" on the Internet; according to the needs of different development stages of the enterprise, rich ideas such as text, pictures, videos, etc.
Form, let netizens effectively know you, understand you, like you, and trust you!

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Let customers know you Let customers know you

Question-and-answer marketing and knowledge marketing integrate promotional information and content to make customers more like you!

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Let customers know you Let customers know you

Brand business cards and brand starting lines are displayed with pictures and texts, which will be displayed first, helping customers to get to know you quickly!

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Make customers like you Make customers like you

The brand zone enjoys richer styles, conveys more comprehensive information, and allows customers to fully understand you!

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Let customers trust you Let customers trust you

The official information of the enterprise encyclopedia is released, and the authoritative information is endorsed, letting customers trust you without a doubt!

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Tongling Qisu Internet Baidu promotion service helps you quickly start your precise marketing journey!

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