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What aspects of website SEO search engine optimization need to pay attention to

2019-10-30 11:02:57 分类:行业新闻 Browse categories: Industry News

Although this is a common topic, there is no attraction, but there are very few grassroots webmasters who can really do a good job. I asked a friend who has been a grassroots webmaster for many years, and I said how to do a good SEO search Engine optimization. The answer he gave me is very difficult. The scope is too wide to answer, so I want to make a meaningful summary today.
    How to do SEO search engine optimization?
    Keyword mining, structure optimization, data analysis, original content, adding external links, is it easy to do it from these five directions, then I guarantee that you can do the ranking very well, but these five points are true Very few people perform it, because SEO is a cyclical and gradual process that tests people's patience. You must have sufficient judgment, patience, and hard work. Then how can you do SEO well? What about these five points?
    First, keyword mining
SEO keyword mining work I think is a very important point in the beginning of a website. He is not only important from the beginning. In the future, the process of website growth is very important. The core soul of a website is keywords. With regard to the positioning of the website, this is a work that must be done in the early stage. During the process of growing the website, it is necessary to continuously expand the content, and it is necessary to continuously increase the website traffic to expand potential customers. important.
    To do a good job of keyword mining, first locate the target keywords, and then use the keyword mining tool to expand long tail words. There are many keyword mining tools on the Internet. You can search directly. At present, I think it is good. The analysis tool is still used for keyword analysis. You can set mining conditions and filtering conditions to mine relatively accurate keywords. Fortunately, when you are digging words, you choose to dig down Baidu's mobile PC, search related words and Baidu index words. The words 360 and Sogou are relatively inaccurate.
    Structure optimization
The optimization of the structure is critical. The key word is the soul of the website, so the structure is the skeleton of the website. In order to optimize the structure, you must first have simple HTML code and CSS. This is a basic skill that a webmaster must know. With these foundations, you can make a website that matches the structure of the search engine.
    1. The first three elements  
In an article, the three contents of title, keywords, and description will appear. I believe most webmasters will. Now many webmasters delete the keywords and description tags. This is also possible, but if you fill it out, it will be better. One or two keywords appear in the description tags, which is very helpful for ranking. of.
    2.H label
    Many webmasters of this H-tag have n’t done it. Some people may say that I did not do H-tag, but the ranking is also very good. I will tell you that if you do H-tag ranking, it will be better, a normal website structure The H1 tag must appear in the title position, telling search engines that this is important, and then H2 and H3 can appear in the body. Seven has been tested for many times and the effect is still very good.
    3.Internal chain
    Compared with the internal channel of the website, the internal link has a great impact on the ranking and inclusion of the website. The rich related internal links not only make the user experience better, but also a very good experience for search engines. When you When the body text is internally linked and anchor text is added, this anchor text is very critical for search engines, because search engines will judge the content of the A tag and think that this link is made to an external website.
    Then the anchor text in this tag must be very relevant to the title, so the content in the A tag is related to the topic, which is very helpful for ranking. At the same time, the linked page will also be recognized by Baidu, the latter Everyone agrees and understands, but many webmasters don't understand the benefits of the current page before, so we must pay attention to the importance of internal links.
    4.MIP transformation
    This is the mobile terminal structure pushed by Baidu. If you have this ability, it is recommended to change the mobile terminal to MIP, which has many advantages for the ranking.
    5.HTTPS transformation
    HTTPS will slowly replace HTTP. Although it is not very hot at present, many search engines have clearly told webmasters that HTTPS websites give priority to indexing.
    Data analysis
The analysis of data is very important for Baidu ranking. The analysis of data is not just to analyze the internal data of the website. We should also analyze the data given by Baidu more. This is a very important task, such as the Baidu index demand map. He clearly tells you what his needs are after the user searches for this term. Such data is very critical for you to optimize. Your website content provides what the user needs, so your user experience is natural. Needless to say, users like it, and search engines like it too. This detailed operation can refer to: Baidu ranking only needs to analyze keyword data.
    Fourth, original content
Original content is very much loved by search engines. A new site does not have a great impact on rankings for original content, but it is very helpful for indexing. Original content is often not found on the Internet. Search engines add databases , It will be included first, and will be given priority when relevant searches appear. For old sites, the advantages of original content are greater.
    Five, increase the external chain
Increasing the number of external links will have a significant impact on the ranking of the website, but the increase of external links also needs to be cyclical and gradual. You can't eat fat in one breath. Although the external links have weakened a lot of weights, they account for a large proportion among many factors. Yes, everyone has heard that the weight given to external links by search engines has been weakened, but you need to understand that it ’s not gone. Let ’s say that the original external chain weights accounted for 20% of all factors. Now we have weakened three times and there are still 100. There are 8 points, so he may still be high among many ranking factors. After Seven testing, the importance of the external chain is still very critical.

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