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Brand Website Construction

webset design

从网站品牌规划、交互设计、视觉设计、动效创意,到程序开发,运营维护。 We focus on the construction of high-quality high-quality websites , from website brand planning, interaction design, visual design, dynamic creativity, to program development, operation and maintenance.

计划。 We provide you with consulting, research, analysis, and planning services on a one-to-one basis according to the actual situation of the customer, so as to ensure that the website construction project can successfully meet and exceed your expected business plan.

Mobile & microsite customization

website about mobilephone

”的移动应用开发理念,创造属于无线时代的精彩互联。 In the era of mobile internet, we have come up with the concept of " easy to use, wonderful experience " to develop mobile applications, and create wonderful interconnections that belong to the wireless era.

Mobile websites are websites adapted for mobile browsing. Through the browser on the mobile phone, enter the URL to browse; due to the limited screen size and CPU processing power of the mobile phone, the website optimized for mobile phones is more convenient for users to browse.

  • Mobile interactive experience
  • Sync with PC data
  • Fully compatible phone
  • Tailored
  • Leading design

The terminal's microsite with WeChat as its core carrier makes it a new mobile information carrier for mobile terminals. It seamlessly interfaces with the WeChat public platform, displays interactions, uses everything, and makes mobile network promotion easier.

  • Micro official website
  • Wechat marketing
  • Weibo Marketing
  • Mobile phone display
  • Interactive function
  • data synchronization

A WeChat basic service system platform that provides more intelligent functions for different industries. At the same time, you can customize and develop advanced functions according to your needs.

  • WeChat payment
  • WeChat red envelope
  • Micro menu
  • Micro membership system
  • Micro-advertising
  • Micro official website
  • Mobile site
  • Microsite
  • WeChat application development
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