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What kind of website is needed in the Internet age

普通型网站 Marketing Website vs General Website

Marketing Website

Follow the search engine indexing principle, SEO optimization effect is better

Better attract customers to start a conversation with you

Website Design on Tall

Have a high opinion of the website and increase conversion rates

Clear marketing ideas

Content module layout is more reasonable

Ordinary Website

No search engine concept, the website has no awareness of optimization

Guiding modules such as customer service systems are not obvious

Unsightly design

Lack of credibility, it is difficult to attract customer attention

The website idea is not clear

Single content module, rigid layout

Why choose us

In-depth communication in search of the blue ocean

Top-level communication to help companies sort out the blue ocean of industry competition and quickly occupy the commanding heights of the industry through marketing websites

Professional copywriting selling point

Professional copywriters based on the actual situation of the company, carefully conceived and refined the highlights of publicity and marketing, and caught the attention of all website visitors

Photography master collects material

Experts in photography go deep into client companies, seek to collect various website promotional materials, and create a tall corporate image

SEO experts in-depth optimization

According to the characteristics of the customer's industry, the SEO technology big coffee refines and optimizes the core keywords, and the technology occupies the search engine entrance, diverting a large number of potential visitors.

Personal customization by professional designers

Professional designers personally customize each screen of the website for customers, making each page of the website a company's promotional poster

Customer service continuous training hosting

Website launch is the beginning of our real service, professional customer service provides continuous online support for you, and we accept hosting services

PC, tablet, mobile phone three-in-one easy stereo network marketing

Adopting stream layout and responsive design, automatically identifying and responding to various terminal types such as PC, tablet and mobile phone to achieve a perfect display of multiple backgrounds in the background. Without the need to develop and manage multiple backgrounds, it can realize the three-dimensional network marketing of mobile Internet and PC Internet. Both mobile phones and mobile phones have carefully laid out SEO optimization, obtained good rankings at both ends, and provided customized development services for WeChat websites according to different needs of customers to truly achieve three-dimensional coverage of full traffic entrances.

One-stop system to solve your marketing problems

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